Located beside its Shanghai headquarters, SLD+ , the corporate culture centre of Steve Leung Design Group (SLD), presents Steve Leung’s thinking and execution towards design, unfolding each footprint of Steve and SLD throughout their creative journey. “+” implies endless inspiration, boundless outreach and infinite creative possibilities. SLD+ is expected to become a creative space where SLD and people from different disciplines gather, interact and experience our proud commitment to design. Through mutual inspiration, we shall continue to put into practice the philosophy of “Design Without Limits” and to build a better tomorrow with design.

Design has its own meaning to every designer and it shapes their own belief that leads the direction of their creations. It also reflects their thoughts and understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the society. This is how a remarkable design career is built.

“DESIGN RE:COLLECTIONS” is a retrospective exhibition that presents Steve Leung’s thinking and works in the past three decades of his design career. It explores the deeper meaning of “design” at different stages of his journey, and documents how the “recollections” of each decade drive and inspire his creations and the development of SLD.


At the age of 30 when Steve founded his business, design to him was not only a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, but also an aim to enhance the commercial value and visibility of his projects;


At the age of 40, Steve nurtured a deeper vision and understanding about design. He developed his company into an all-round design firm and worked on a diversified spectrum of projects, through which an ideal lifestyle was shaped;


At the age of 50, Steve was well-versed in the power of design. In line with “Design Without Limits” and his diversified business development, Steve was devoted to elevating the standard of living and promoting the development of our society.

Throughout his creative journey, Steve has been constantly exploring the infinite possibilities of design, cultivating a deeper and better experience of quality lifestyle and building a better tomorrow with his design. Steve hopes that his story will inspire and bring a positive influence on the design leaders of the current and future generations.